5 lies a dentist can spot right away

5 Lies Your Dentist Knows You’re Telling

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Everyone lies to their dentist at some point. Even if is a minor lie or a major one, you should know that your dentist will discover pretty soon that you are dishonest. The truth is told by your mouth, whenever you want it or not. The mouth is a clear indicator of your oral health condition and your dentist has the knowledge and experience to see any sign of poor hygiene or unhealthy habits. You should have an honest approach to your dentist because this way you will get proper treatment and you will have only benefits in the long term.

But let’s find out the most common lies your dentist knows you are telling.
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1. I don’t smoke

If you are smoking, you must give a second thought before lying to your dental specialist. They are numerous clues that will make your dentist find easily the truth. From the odor in your clothes and mouth to the nicotine stains on your teeth or fingers, he will find out pretty soon the answer. You better tell the truth and avoid an awkward situation. And even better, you can stop this health threatening habit that can higher your risk for certain health issues such as throat and mouth cancer, tooth loss or decay. Be honest with your dentist, he can help you quit this dangerous habit by providing accurate information about the risks.

2. I floss every day

Another common lie, this one is also easy to spot by your dental care provider. By flossing you remove the plaque from below your gums. If you don’t floss regularly, your dentist will see large deposits of plaque below your gums and will know the truth. Flossing is an important part of your dental hygiene and you should not skip it. For better results, you should perform it correctly. Put the string into the spaces between your teeth and perform up and down motion to remove any food waste that is stuck there. It’s better to floss every day to improve your dental health but also for not lying to him.

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3. I don’t drink soda

This is another lie that you should stop telling your dentist or even better, stop drinking soda. Let’s find out how your dental specialist will discover the truth immediately. Soda has high acid content that will destroy the protective enamel from your teeth. The dentist will observe this very quickly. For your dental health is best to avoid drinking soda. If you, however, drink soda from time to time, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth with water after, to remove the sugar and acid to linger on your teeth and destroy the enamel. You should also need to know that soda has been linked during the years with numerous health problems, not only related to oral health.

4. I don’t drink alcohol often

Drinking alcohol will impact negatively your oral health. Alcohol reduces saliva production and this will lead to a bad odor present in your mouth and mouth dryness, which can be easily spotted by your dental care provider. It is best for your overall health to stop drinking heavily, because this can lead to serious health problems, such as oral cancer. 7 of 10 oral cancer cases were linked to heavy alcohol consumption. This statistic is scary and shows the risks you expose yourself when you drink heavily.

5. I don’t grind my teeth

Grinding will make your teeth look worn and can be eroded, signs that your dentist will observe at a glance. Also, if you experience headaches or muscle pain in the jaw area, these are clear signs of grinding. This is a health condition that shouldn’t be ignored. Grinding is dangerous and your dentist should know if you experience it. He has the ability to provide you with solutions that can stop you from grinding. One solution is the bite guard, which will help you to prevent injuries caused by grinding. They are also other dental devices that will help you protect the enamel of your teeth. Talk with your specialist honestly about the solutions available for this condition.

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Now, after reading through this list, you may be wondering how I know all this. Well, a buddy of mine Brent Lin is a dentist in Livermore and he gave me the scoop when I tried to lie to him about one of these things. I won’t say which one but you’re invited to guess in the comments!

Next time you visit your dentist, you should be honest and forthcoming because there’s no benefit to gain from telling a lie here. You may feel a little embarrassed especially if you went against something you promise to do (or not to do) but usually your dentist can tell almost immediately so it’s in your best interest to to always tell the truth. The truth will help you obtain better results and get real professional help for your dental problems.